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Foyle, the master of brevity, knows when he’s said enough to bring the guilty party to his knees.

And Michael Kitchen knows how to use his incomparable mouth shrug and eyes to maximum effect.

steviecat123 said:

A devil incarnate, in the form of an angel. Those eyes! And bless that hair. Let’s face it we all had rubbish hair in the 70’s (well if you had been born then of course). It was a pre-requisite of the times.   

Michael Kitchen/Foyle is a beautiful brooder.

The sidelong glance. Sigh.

Henry Beaumont’s lying, and Foyle knows it.

#peekaboo smile

You stop believing that, and we might as well not be fighting the war… because you end up like the Nazis.  – DCS Foyle

Bringing down Reginald Walker and son – just another of Foyle’s insignificant contributions to the war effort.

Michael Kitchen’s sidelong glance and characteristic balled hand.  Adorable.

Dapper acknowledgement — part of Foyle’s quiet listening style.

Convinced that the imprisoned German spy, Hans Maier, witnessed the murder of Richard Hunter, Foyle requests a second meeting with him.  At first, Commander Simmons denies Foyle’s request, but a few deftly delivered maneuvers from Foyle, the expert in subtle persuasion, are enough to get Simmons to relax his stance about going against regulations.

I can just see Michael Kitchen and Anthony Horowitz deleting lines written for Foyle in this scene!

Foyle is not impressed with Wing Commander Keller’s excuse for helping to cover up Alastair Graeme’s crimes and incriminating Andrew in the process.