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If you prick us do we not bleed?
If you tickle us do we not laugh?
If you poison us do we not die?
And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?

The Merchant of Venice

Peter Blythe’s characters really should avoid fraternizing with Michael Kitchen’s characters. Grp Cpt. Smythe kept his distance and walked away unscathed but woe to Chris Bouch and Kenneth Lawrence.


If The Last Contract were set in 1920’s London.

A little bird told me it’s National Bird Day today…

I wish we could say the same for the POTUS. Thousands of “psychiatrists warn about Trump’s mental state“.

New appreciation for High Castle after watching the episode a second time in its entirety since it premiered.

Thinking, thinking, thinking, eureka!

Alternating current!

The Collection premiering today on Amazon US.

From Decider.com:

…you’ll notice that this international show has a unique approach to accents. You’ll hear American twangs, the Queen’s English, and French lilts on this show. Tom Riley explained to us that there was a very well-thought-out method behind the accents: “In this it’s a case of the Americans in the show are Americans. They’re from America. Everyone who’s English, who’s speaking with an English accent, is French and then everyone who’s French and speaking in a French accent is from Belgium. So there is a weird logic to it.”

Good thing Michael Kitchen didn’t have to speak with a French accent. 🙂

Video clip of this scene on the PBS Masterpiece site.

How COULD you, America?

James McCandlish, the other successful, attractive lawyer Michael Kitchen played in 1992
who got away with murder.

A couple of photos taken during the filming of Casualties of War and All Clear from lastminute.com’s blog post on Hastings.

The scene as it appears in All Clear with Michael Kitchen now walking closest to the street and wearing Foyle’s coat – a must on a breezy day 🙂 :

Wouldn’t mind playing the part of the extra brushing past him.

Michael Kitchen and Richard Coyle in The Collection: The Scent. Filmed on a cold, wet day in Paris by the looks of it. MK’s even wearing gloves. I’m still trying to get used to that hat.

Foyle agrees to a last-minute request from Sam to host her Uncle Aubrey. And for his troubles…

To his credit, though, Uncle Aubrey brings out an unexpected laugh from Foyle:

Love how Michael Kitchen works his pockets.

Greg manages to keep it together. He’s actually quite good at thinking on his feet – even when they’re bare.

Portraying a proper pillar of the community and father of three children trapped in a loathsome marriage to an unstable, domineering wife (the curdling Sarah Miles), Kitchen deliciously reinvents the classic, henpecked husband.

The key to Kitchen’s underplayed achievement is in his eyes, so full of deference and the quick, limp smiles of a man who’s always a gentleman–even going to the gallows with his spats on.LA Times

Michael Kitchen’s strut.

Poetry in motion.

You’re embarrassing him, Joe.

The billowing coat is magnificent.

Foyle and Joe have a heart to heart about Sam as they walk up “Steep Lane” to Foyle’s house. Afterwards, the real-life Christopher Foyle makes a cameo appearance. A new article in The Daily Mail offers some fun facts about the house on Croft Road in Hastings, which is still on the market. A potential B&B? For me, it would be kind of a letdown to stay there, since the interior scenes of Foyle’s home were filmed elsewhere.

Once again, a person of interest hit and killed by a car leaving his set of keys for the taking. This time Foyle lifts the keys, but Sam still finds a way to be useful.