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Mrs. Dalloway: Michael Kitchen head turn 1
Mrs. Dalloway: Michael Kitchen head turn 2

Why Clarissa rejected Peter…

Analysis of Peter’s Knife in Mrs. Dalloway

If The Last Contract were set in 1920’s London.

National Letter Writing Day

Since it’s Virginia Woolf’s birthday today…

steviecat123 said: Oh my, the way his head drops and his eyes close…

And then his entire body drops with his signature knee dip – it’s the picture of dejection.

KT said:

Just love those Mrs Dalloway GIF’s, thank you! So wish GIF’s had sound; Michael Kitchen and Vanessa Redgrave have a similar velvety timbre to their voices – SO attractive.

Yes, gifs with audio would be wonderful.

Now the door opened, and in came — for a single second she could not remember what he was called! so surprised she was to see him, so glad, so shy, so utterly taken aback to have Peter Walsh come to her unexpectedly in the morning!

Now of course, thought Clarissa, he’s enchanting! perfectly enchanting! Now I remember how impossible it was ever to make up my mind — and why did I make up my mind — not to marry him? she wondered, that awful summer?

Mrs. Dalloway Michael Kitchen eyes

“I often wish I’d got on better with your father,” he said.

“But he never liked any one who — our friends,” said Clarissa; and could have bitten her tongue for thus reminding Peter that he had wanted to marry her.

Of course I did, thought Peter; it almost broke my heart too, he thought; and was overcome with his own grief, which rose like a moon looked at from a terrace, ghastly beautiful with light from the sunken day. I was more unhappy than I’ve ever been since, he thought.

Mrs. Dalloway Michael Kitchen smile

“In love,” he repeated, now speaking rather dryly to Clarissa Dalloway; “in love with a girl in India.”

— and then to his utter surprise, suddenly thrown by those uncontrollable forces thrown through the air, he burst into tears; wept; wept without the least shame, sitting on the sofa, the tears running down his cheeks.

…all in a clap it came over her, If I had married him, this gaiety would have been mine all day!

Excerpted passages from Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway corresponding to this scene in which Peter Walsh returns from India and visits the woman who broke his heart three decades earlier. 

“Peter Walsh is one of the most self-aware failures in world literature.” – observer.com

Clarissa keeps her promise.

Michael Kitchen smoking.

Glad Foyle doesn’t smoke. Wonder if MK had anything to do with that decision.

Michael Kitchen – the consummate charmer.

An overhead shot and a composite of Foyle’s War filming from this morning.

anonymous said:

Love the post of Peter Walsh nodding off in the park, KF. You have such a wonderful eye for detail! Mrs. Dalloway is one of my favourite films, but that little gem completely passed me by.

I always think my eye for detail pales in comparison to many other MK fans, but thanks. Knew I had to make a gif of this scene when I saw it.

Nattily dressed for a stroll through the park.

Mrs. Dalloway: Dreamy Michael Kitchen as Peter Walsh

Michael Kitchen evokes the stuff of dreams in this shot.

Thank you for posting the Mrs. Dalloway scene as requested. Now I am completely hooked! – anonymous

You’re welcome. Michael Kitchen does have a way of reeling one in.

anonymous said:

I’ve spent the last two weeks checking your posts daily – have become quite addicted (embarrassed smile.) Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done! I think you’ve missed one of the most romantic MK moments – from Mrs. Dalloway near the end. Clarissa goes to the library to fetch Peter and they dance together. Everyone else is dancing around them in the conventional way and Clarissa and Peter are wrapped up in each other. If you have this snippet on video – could you post it?

Always thrilled to hear from a fellow fan. I’m so glad you enjoy the site.  I’d be happy to post that scene.

anonymous said:

Thank you so much for this scene of Mrs.Dalloway, it’s my favourite!

My pleasure. I’m oddly enthralled by his hand moving along her back in the last gif. The height difference between Vanessa Redgrave and Michael Kitchen makes their slow dance look rather awkward, though, imo. In a britmovie.com discussion on Brit actors wearing lifts, a member commented:

Watching Michael Kitchen and Vanessa Redgrave dancing in Mrs Dalloway (1997) last night I noticed that Michael who’s about 5’7, was only around 2 inches shorter that 6’1 Vanessa…

dancesabove said:

The first time I watched ‘Mrs Dalloway’, and he turned slowly from the window to look at her with that expression in his eyes, I remember saying, “Oh, my God,” aloud, even though I was alone at the time…

OK, my vision must be impaired, because somehow, I’m not really seeing the melting expression in his eyes.

Press photo available on Ebay — Michael Kitchen as Peter Walsh in Mrs. Dalloway (1997).