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Celebrating Franz Schubert’s birthday today with these scenes from Oliver Twist in which Mr. Brownlow demonstrates his change of heart toward Rose’s suitor, Dr. Losberne, with the help of Schubert’s Fantasie in F Minor, D.940.

Watched E4 of Victoria last night and thought of Brownlow’s words throughout Victoria and Albert’s duet. 🙂


National Letter Writing Day

The malicious Mrs. Leeford unleashes her anger and frustration on Brownlow after collecting her annual stipend.

An exaggerated wink and a heartwarming smile for a grateful little boy, followed by an eye roll for pessimistic Mr. Grimwig in this delightful scene from Oliver Twist. Love how Michael Kitchen approximates his signature knee dip while seated.

Posted on QE is a marvelous behind the scenes interview with Michael Kitchen excerpted from “Oliver Twist: The Official Companion to the ITV Drama Series”. What an absolute treat to read his thoughts on costume drama, wigs, the filming process, and his character, Mr. Brownlow.

In his zeal to protect Rose from the same fate suffered by her sister, Brownlow rather unfairly lets poor Losberne have it.

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My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

14. Mr. Brownlow in Oliver Twist (1999)

From the Washington Post:

Michael Kitchen, as Mr. Brownlow, offers an even more brilliant performance, but an understated one. With exquisite control, he uses every muscle to convey a man whose pain is deep and whose kindness is pure. Kitchen, a stalwart of British theater and film–you may remember him as the husband left by Francesa Annis for Robson Green in “Reckless”–is truly superb.


How lovely to see you “active” again! However much you do will be great!

Thank you, anon.  Yes, an unplanned spurt of blogging this week, even as KF takes a backseat now to other activities…

steviecat123 said:

Michael Kitchen and Dickens, perfection. Love the close up of his beautiful hands on those piano keys.

pdx144 said:

And that was MK actually playing the piano. Now that he has done a guitar video, would love to see a piano one as well.

As much as I enjoyed his guitar video, I would be over the moon if he did a piano one, since the latter is my preferred instrument, and I actually know a bit about playing it as opposed to the electric guitar…

Mr. Brownlow dispenses with niceties when he is forced to conduct business with Mrs. Leeford, his best friend’s murderous widow.  His two-word rejoinder is a perfectly aimed insult.