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Henry Kent’s gallantry in the bedtime scene from Falling is akin to many displays of love on Valentine’s Day. Superficial, but romantic nonetheless.

On Amazon ‘golden eagle’ writes:

I have a difficult time imagining the reticent Foyle voluntarily using the word “ravish”. Henry Kent, on the other hand, proffers the word easily, guilefully.

Another difference between Foyle and Kent — the former wears pj’s to bed.


Michael Kitchen’s pained expression here almost makes me feel sorry for Roman as he eavesdrops on Anna and hears what she really thinks of him.  Later, he spitefully repeats her words back to her.

Roman’s behavior is supposed to be that of a man unhinged, yet here we are now with a POTUS who just like Roman makes women’s flesh creep and viciously lashes out at those who speak the truth about him. Unbelievable to see lying and bullying on a par with Henry Kent coming from the POTUS.

(Spot-on commentary from LB in praise of MK’s brilliance.)

From the Facebook page of Barnoldwick and Barlickers Then and Now, Michael Kitchen and Penelope Wilton filming Falling on location at Greenberfield Locks:

From Burnley Express:

Actors Penelope Wilton and Michael Kitchen and a film crew arrived in Barnoldswick on Tuesday.

The canalside cottage had already been given a new look for their arrival, with weeds laid down outside to give an unkempt appearance to the property and changes made to rooms inside.

The doors were also removed to make it easier for the camera crews to work and a false window fitted so Michael Kitchen did not hurt himself when asked to put his fist through it as part of the script.

Falling: Michael Kitchen: breaking window 1
Falling: Michael Kitchen: breaking window 2Falling: Michael Kitchen: breaking window 3

And from an interview with Penelope Wilton in The Stage:

Wilton recalls the hardships she and co-star Michael Kitchen had to endure while filming Falling, Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Elizabeth Jane Howard’s suspense novel.

“Andrew had the idea that it would be better to relocate it to Yorkshire. It looks glorious, I agree, and very autumnal but the weather was freezing. There are some scenes that are a bit too painful to think about – the ones where I’m standing around in light summer clothing, trying not to be seen to shiver. The main locations are around a cottage next to a canal, which looks idyllic, but in reality is was very cold and damp.”

Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton
Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton: You know we ought to...
Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton: what I really want to do is...
Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton: ...make love to you.
Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton: eyebrow raise

Came across a blog post from 2008 in praise of Foyle’s War and Michael Kitchen with this marvelous comment by “Juliet” underneath:

… I wholeheartedly agree with the consensus on Michael Kitchen. He is quite extraordinarily watchable and has one of those voices which affects places quite far removed from the ears! He was a brilliant Prince-Charles-alike in ‘To Play the King’, but the role which haunts me most was his portrayal of the sinister ‘gardener’ in Andrew Davies’s perfect adaptation of Elizabeth Jane Howard’s ‘Falling’ (with Penelope Wilton, also at her very best) – where he managed to be both deeply menacing and impossibly desirable at the same time. ‘Tour de force’ would not be overstating the case.

Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton: coffee in bed 1
Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton: coffee in bed 2

Just reminding myself, after the last few posts, how irresistible Henry Kent can be when he sets his mind to it.

Seriously, who could resist that face! – pdx144

Just this one critic who I think needs to have his eyes examined!

Michael Kitchen not charming? Really? He needs his eyes and ears examined! Even when he’s playing killer roles, I’ve heard him called charming. – pdx144

Yep, Michael Kitchen and charm pretty much go hand in hand no matter what role he’s playing.

Falling: Michael Kitchen: crack in veneer 1
Falling: Michael Kitchen: crack in veneer 2

Henry’s sudden outburst reveals a crack in his veneer that shocks Daisy and her friends.

Falling: Michael Kitchen: Penelope Wilton: breakfast 1
Falling: Michael Kitchen: breakfast sidelong glance

After two weeks of evidently mind-blowing sex, Daisy has fallen in lust, while Henry feigns modesty and continues his charade of being similarly lovestruck. Another complete conquest seems to be within his grasp.

anonymous asked:

Little wonder that Daisy was ‘barmy’ about Henry Kent. When he lays on that charm, he’s quite irresistible. Thanks for more wonderful pics.

Yes, and who better to play him than MK, who’s usually irresistible without even trying!

Gulp.  Imagine waking up to this. Henry Kent is turned on by inciting sexual frustration in women, and as a result, we get Michael Kitchen making major bedroom eyes and suggestively bringing his hand under the covers.

Falling: Michael Kitchen kiss 1
Falling: Michael Kitchen kiss 2

Henry takes advantage of a moment when Daisy is particularly vulnerable to go in for their first kiss and is subsequently invited into her bed.

pdx144 said:

Falling is one of my very favorites. Why he hasn’t been given more awards just baffles me.

Could it be that those handing out awards are not too keen on honoring an actor who shuns publicity and probably couldn’t care less about awards?