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I remember wondering when I read The Velvet Onion interview with Rhys Thomas whether he had Michael Kitchen in mind:

Speaking of funny stuff, what’s next for you post-Pern?
A comedy drama called Trailer Park which has been around for ages, but is finally happening. I am going to write that, for the makers of [BBC One drama] The A Word. The plan is to get some of the Pern cast in that, but in new roles.

Been around since at least as far back as 2010 when this teaser was uploaded. At the time, RT was working on something different for MK. What ever happened to Vigilantes?

Rhys Thomas and Simon Day also spoke about the caravan park sitcom in this 2014 interview when they were promoting Brian Pern.


Airing on March 29, one final 40-minute episode to celebrate the life of Brian Pern:

Following the sudden death of Brian Pern in a segway mistake, BBC Four is to broadcast a special documentary, dedicated to the musician, celebrating his life and work. The one-off will be directed by the award-winning film-maker Rhys Thomas OBE (self-proclaimed) who will talk exclusively to Brian’s friends and family as well as any random celebrities he can get hold of at such short notice. – beyondthejoke

When asked by The British Comedy Guide if he was sure this is the end for Brian, Rhys Thomas replied:

I don’t think there will be any more Brian Pern on TV. You can’t kill someone off and then say ‘not really.’ Once it’s done, it’s done. He could always appear in some archive from the past – I’d like to do more with Thotch perhaps or John Farrow, the manager – there’s more mileage there.

From beyondthejoke’s review:

…this will be hilarious for anyone who has ever chanced upon a quickly cobbled together programme about a dead celebrity. Thotch’s ageing lynchpins Tony Pebble (Nigel Havers) and Pat Quid (Paul Whitehouse) are also on hand to bicker about who was the last one to see Brian alive as they prepare for a benefit gig in aid of Segway Awareness at the Royal Albert Hall. And manager John Farrow (Michael Kitchen) gives Rhys Thomas OBE a reluctant interview having just given his best quotes to Scorsese, who is making a major Pern package for Netflix.

brian pern tribute john farrow scorsese

From The Velvet Onion’s interview with Rhys Thomas:

VO: The procession of guests involved surely helped reached audiences who might otherwise not have tuned in. Everyone’s been fab, but are there any people you’ve been particularly chuffed to bag?
RT: All of them to be honest. It’s so low paid and small [in profile], that most of them would be better off staying in bed! But I think they responded to the scripts really, and to be honest, once Michael Kitchen was in it that attracted some of the bigger actors.

Naturally, the VO piece includes photos of all the regular cast members of Pern except Michael Kitchen.

Very short preview clip.

No wonder Michael Kitchen is now represented by ITG.

Behind the scenes photo from the March 3 filming of scenes for Brian Pern: A Tribute at the Royal Albert Hall.

Too bad George Michael never made a guest appearance on Brian Pern as Rhys Thomas had hoped.

Someone like George Michael has survived a series of scandals largely because-

What a voice. RIP George Michael. Thanks for the college memories.

michael kitchen brian pern john farrow closeup1
michael kitchen brian pern john farrow closeup2

More John Farrow in 2017?

Hopefully, more adorable outtakes, too.

michael kitchen giggling1 pern outtake
michael kitchen giggling2 pern outtake
michael kitchen giggling3 pern outtake

Caught on a train again. Only thirty-five years on, it’s Michael Kitchen’s character who’s now calling the shots.

Simon Day and company have begun filming the third series of Brian Pern and were back at Wembley Arena last week. Maybe someone will be nice enough to post some behind-the-scenes photos like this one from S2 posted by the prop company that supplied the Triffid plant. In a recent interview Day and Rhys Thomas discussed how they managed to obtain permission to film at Wembley and how they came by John Farrow’s yacht in A Life in Rock:

Rhys: It’s a cheap programme in a sense, because it’s in a recording studio or talking heads, so that keeps the costs down… but then you prioritise the bits you want to spend your money on. For example, we got a boat…

Simon: Where did you get that boat?

Rhys: Michael Kitchen knew someone. The idea was that his character, John Farrow, is quite wealthy. He’s sort of based loosely on Queen’s manager who lives in Switzerland and is a multi-millionaire. We needed a way to show his wealth. In Episode 3 Brian basically loses all his money in a tax scheme, and it’s quite nice to see Brian losing everything and then his manager in a Sunseeker. He just knew someone at a boat yard and a woman there said ‘oh, yeah, use one of our boats…’!

If I owned a luxury yacht (£12,000 a week to hire), I’d jump at the chance to loan one to Michael Kitchen, too.

With apprehension, John Farrow takes the tiniest of peeks at Brian Pern’s wax figure.

Video of this scene at 27:00 on Vimeo.

The best part of this episode was watching Michael Kitchen jump out of his seat and jab his finger repeatedly in the air.

Some funny lines and facial expressions from MK in the preview for E2 of The Life of Rock with Brian Pern, The Story of Live Aid.

Would love for this to happen.  Thanks for tweeting him, pdx144.

Simon Day is up for it as well, according to this quote from Radio Times:

I’d like to do more – I’d like to do some things with my manager John” he said. “It’s early days but I think that would work.

In 2010 Michael Kitchen had some fun with his famous TV persona by playing the title character in Rhys Thomas’s radio comedy, The Roland Darvelle Hotel Pub and Murder Guide.  Like Foyle, Darvelle is a well-known detective with a driver and a son (in Darvell’s case, his driver is his son), but there the similarities end and the hilarity ensues. I put together some excerpts.

pdx144 said:

I love the comedic Michael. I think he’d like to do more of it if given a chance. I keep Darvelle in my car and put it on once in a while. It always gives me a good laugh.

I would’ve loved to see this radio play turned into a TV series – starring that bloke from Foyle’s War, even though he hasn’t got the range.