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Thinking about getting this shirt to wear while I’m abroad this summer.


Difficult to say who’s more in the right in this showdown (maybe a special marriage counsel should be appointed for Richard and Anna), but when Michael Kitchen delivers a speech, it’s impossible not to be swayed towards his character’s point of view. And this is a doozy of a speech. Lovely to see Richard Crane finally become a father in Reckless: The Sequel. That child will surely be spoiled rotten.

How COULD you, America?


Even Anna finally melts and dissolves into tears while listening to Richard’s soul-baring monologue delivered with such pathos by Michael Kitchen.

Michael Kitchen playing the cuckold.

Another of Michael Kitchen’s on-screen marriages goes kaput, with childlessness once again blamed as a contributing factor. Steven, Sarah, Richard, Anna, Greg, and Linda might have come to better terms with their situation if they’d read this article. Oh well, on the bright side, divorce means no longer having to live with your wife’s decorating tastes:

I wonder if Michael Kitchen is excited about the fortunes of his hometown team.

The fight scene from Reckless.

“She knows!”

From The Baltimore Sun:

Kitchen, who seems to have become the very embodiment of upper-class England to millions of American viewers in such productions as “To Play the King,” is once again brilliant. Watching him crumble into a bundle of nervous tics when Anna discovers his philandering is a delight.

Feeling Richard’s pain.

Good thing Richard’s not trying to fly out of DCA today – like some of us were scheduled to.

Tap, tap, tap… Richard tracks down Anna’s lover but fails to recognize the voice as Owen’s.

Jokulsarlon – drove for hours yesterday to see the extraordinary ice lagoon where Richard Crane received a private tour. Lucky guy.

Michael Kitchen looking fine in a double-breasted suit alongside equally gorgeous Francesca Annis.

Michael Kitchen does crestfallen so well.

No signs at all of a troubled marriage in the early scenes of Reckless.

Some medical jargon to go with MK’s smiles. I suppose sticking with the consulting surgeon isn’t an option, because if I were the patient…

Just finished watching the first series of Grantchester. How roles change. Robson Green is now the older guy who keeps his shirt on and is more fun to watch than the hunky (and often shirtless) lead.