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Michael Kitchen’s pained expression here almost makes me feel sorry for Roman as he eavesdrops on Anna and hears what she really thinks of him.  Later, he spitefully repeats her words back to her.

Roman’s behavior is supposed to be that of a man unhinged, yet here we are now with a POTUS who just like Roman makes women’s flesh creep and viciously lashes out at those who speak the truth about him. Unbelievable to see lying and bullying on a par with Henry Kent coming from the POTUS.

(Spot-on commentary from LB in praise of MK’s brilliance.)


How is it that Michael Kitchen can be so cute and menacing at the same time?

In this TV Times interview Michael Kitchen described his character in Chancer as a “[not] terrifically pleasant … lunatic”.  The superficial smile followed by a bone-chilling death glare certainly do suggest that Roman has a few screws loose, which is confirmed later when he kidnaps the baby.

From Patrick Stoddart’s review of Chancer for The Sunday Times (June 9, 1991):

The main waste was of actor Michael Kitchen, an actor of astonishing skills who should be doing better things than playing psychotic boyfriends of unlovable women in not-good-enough pop dramas. Despite his effortless ability to steal a scene, however, he didn’t get the best moment…