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I had a laugh watching Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon sing Google-double-translated versions of hit songs, so I thought I’d run the fairly slangy dialogue from one of my favorite Michael Kitchen scenes through the filter. Have to hand it to Google Translate, it does a pretty accurate job with most languages I tried. Korean and Polish need a bit of work, though:

Hey, but I killed him.
It was an accident.
Well, he’s dead. I torture my wife, blindfolded.
He is dead. I did it. How good do you think it is?
Greg, would you lower your voice?
When they asked why, I would say “the least.” No, frankly, it is the tiredest thing I can do.
And that does not mean he’s dressed up. No.
In the luxury of his waxed car he fried a sharp and dirty bastard.

Hey, but I killed him.
It was an accident.
So, he’s dead. Bastard, bestowal on my wife, the thief blind me.
He’s dead, and I did it. How do you think how good?
Greg, would you keep your voice?
When they ask why, I will go, “This is the least” – no, frankly, it is very bloody at least I can do.
And not only did he deliver it. No.
Fried, dirty slurry fried in the luxury of his car.

I certainly hope Google Translate isn’t being used for any high-level discourse between the U.S. and North Korea. I wouldn’t put it past this administration.

Part 2 of 2. Marcey wielding the toilet tank cover cracks me up. 🙂

Michael Kitchen playing the cuckold.

Michael Kitchen does wonders with the “particularly challenging” dialogue in Alibi.

For all of Foyle’s heralded qualities, it’s Greg Brentwood – sweet, vulnerable, naĂŻve, and prone to panic attacks – whom I adore most.

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Bewilderment, then dawning realization, and finally, angry humiliation pass over Greg’s face when Marcey exposes the depth of Linda and Martin’s betrayal.

Speaking of stoned, pdx144 … 🙂

Greg, Marcey, and his clothes in Alibi – LOL


Michael Kitchen cracks me up in this scene from Alibi in which Greg tries not to have a breakdown while witnessing a potentially disastrous conversation between Marcey and Linda that’s moving faster than his drugged-out brain can keep up.  I love how Marcey always seems to be several steps ahead of Greg.  They make such an adorable couple.

sapphyswitch said: Has the full version ever been released on DVD?

No, and sadly, I doubt the uncut version ever will be.

Alibi set to one of my favorite songs, Out of Reach by Gabrielle.

anonymous said:

I hope you know you are killing me with these videos (in a good way – ha!). I can’t get any work done as I just want to stay on your site watching them. I love seeing MK in scenes wearing blue jeans – gives him a “younger look” than what we are used to seeing him as C. Foyle. Awesome – C

Happy to read your note.  I, too, adore seeing MK in jeans.  🙂

While we’re on the topic of fanfic, I’d just like to mention how thrilled I was to discover that MyMadness at fanfiction.net has written a beautifully evocative piece called Yes, I Will that continues the story of Greg and Marcey in Alibi.  What a gift for fans of Alibi.

So much emotional impact in the touching of hands and a meaningful glance.

And, of course, what follows is Michael Kitchen’s beautiful delivery of a speech that’s at once touching, romantic, and humorous.