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In The War That Never Ends (1991), a minimalist BBC dramatization of the speeches and dialogue that triggered the events of the Peloponnesian War,  Michael Kitchen plays the 2nd Athenian Representative alongside Stephen Moore (Sam’s father).  Broadcast in the UK five days before the start of the Gulf War and in the US during the Bosnia-Herzegovina conflict, the play showed the parallels between present-day diplomatic maneuverings and those of the ancient Greeks that led to the destruction of the Athenian Empire.  Worth checking out on YouTube if only for the parade of veteran British actors delivering their lines with such skill — and to see MK expertly raise one eyebrow.

Also drawing on history for comparison, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen’s latest is a fascinating piece on Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.

Coincidentally, NPR referred to both the Peloponnesian War and WWI in its discussion this morning on the risk of accidental war posed by the “Thucydides trap”.


In Eagle Day Anthony Horowitz once again deftly integrated multiple plot lines, including Sam’s difficulties with her father.

Appearing now in Poli Sci 101, none other than Michael Kitchen and company.