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Michael Kitchen running on screen over the years.

Good to know that “An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life“.


Newly listed on eBay, a vintage promotional photo of Michael Kitchen and Judi Bowker in The Best of Everything.

To serve his character in The Best of Everything, wardrobe and makeup were most unkind to MK, whose appearance at the beginning of the show verged on the clownish.  At least they couldn’t mar his eyes.

Michael Kitchen in braces/suspenders.

By somehow pulling off the trick of wearing without alterations the clothes of a much taller man, Arthur Price in Tales of the Unexpected: The Best of Everything (1981) makes the transformation from a shy and awkward fashion disaster working as an office boy who pines after the boss’s daughter, to a suave, well-dressed, and enterprising financial analyst who wins the boss’s daughter.