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I’ve seen that look before.


Wonder who slapped harder, Judi or Francesca? I like how his characters react with the same words in both scenes.

It’s been a while, but Michael Kitchen in The Browning Version has me in his thrall again.

(Could there be any more patterns packed into this frame?)

Frank Hunter demonstrates a proper golf swing for Taplow, while I admire Michael Kitchen’s form on the backswing.

V v exciting. Seems Michael Kitchen was watching cricket at Lord’s.

I wonder if he was watching from a box seat like Frank Hunter or from the grandstand like Millie Crocker-Harris.

The wrath of a woman scorned.

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

8. Frank Hunter in The Browning Version (1985)

Presumably fresh from filming Out of Africa, MK makes a gorgeous boys’ school teacher in Terence Rattigan’s play.

Michael Kitchen smoking.

Glad Foyle doesn’t smoke. Wonder if MK had anything to do with that decision.

Michael Kitchen is being his usual adorable self here, but it’s his watch I keep eyeing, because mine broke yesterday.  : (

Judi Dench and Michael Kitchen together in The Browning Version (1985) and The World is Not Enough (1999)

Enraged and sexy in The Browning Version and Reckless.

Michael Kitchen’s acting is nothing short of explosive in the scene from Reckless when Richard Crane finally throws off the cloak of repentance and hits back at Anna.  His “Yes, if you say so”  gets me every time.

dancesabove said:

A friend of mine and I argued about this scene and about whether Richard had any right to be angry with Anna; I think one of the interesting things about the way this miniseries was written is the way none of the characters is portrayed as being right or wrong, necessarily. They are all flawed and funny and sometimes sympathetic and sometimes pathetic… the arrogance of Richard Crane makes that sequel and the changes in his life all the more moving. Would not have worked without Michael Kitchen, however.

Completely agree, especially about MK being key to making Richard sympathetic to viewers.

gorgeous michael kitchen the browning version

Thud. Another point of perfect beauty in MK’s life, imo.

Michael Kitchen channels old Hollywood looking like a matinee idol in this shot from The Browning Version.

A couple of stolen kisses at Millie’s urgent behest show the one-sidedness of this flirtation.

Millie looks hungrily at Frank.

anonymous said:

That man is completely irresistible and most women would love to have been in Judi’s shoes. Thanks for giving us another opportunity to indulge our fantasies.

dancesabove said:

There is also a swoon-worthy moment in TBV [about 1:13 in, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpt9ITlu7bU] where he takes a draw on the cigarette and squints at her. I’m not much for smoking, but wow…

This moment?  There are so many MK “moments” in The Browning Version, it’s a veritable swoonfest when he’s on screen.

Who knew the simple act of retrieving a cigarette case from the pocket of one’s jacket could be so sexy?  If I were Millie, I would be cadging cigarettes from Frank Hunter, too.

Michael Kitchen in the role of Frank Hunter giving Millie/Judi Dench the seductive sidelong glance treatment while they enjoy a smoke together.