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michael kitchen the cage does no one ever read these things

Actually, I’m not convinced Trump can read above a third-grade level, while key members of his administration are determined to keep their heads deeply buried in the sand as they wage war against science and the environment.


Another fool in Foyle’s midst.

Michael Kitchen/Foyle is a beautiful brooder.

Foyle gets behind the wheel.

The Michael Kitchen pivot – seated and kneeling versions.

New MI5 hire Sam completes an assignment for new MI5 hire Foyle.

Demonstrate incompetence and insensitivity on the job, or lie to Foyle, and you’ll likely be met with the looks of purse-lipped disapproval that he levels at DS Jones and Captain McDonald.

How cute is Foyle here when he’s caught snooping at Barton Hall. Just love Michael Kitchen’s pivot.  “Forgot my hat.” Uh huh.

steviecat123 said:

I love his nosiness, helps to get those villains caught. I’m pretty nosy myself. So he is a man after my own heart, as well as having my heart (blush). Well the pivot, sigh. I think if he hadn’t been an actor he would have made a glorious dancer, don’t you think?

Oh, yes. He is wonderfully light on his feet and graceful in his movements.  Reminds me in so many ways of Cary Grant.

abjectadmirer said:

Mmm. Wouldn’t I just LOVE to locate his centre of gravity.

Wouldn’t we all. : )

From a review of Foyle’s War S8 on Bostonherald.com:

As for the incomparable Kitchen, he has this wonderful tick where his mouth shrugs, not his shoulders. It’s Foyle’s answer to all sorts of observations and accusations and it’s probably the only “eccentricity” this detective will allow himself to exhibit. 

Kitchen makes full use of the most expressive mouth on the small screen, to grimace, half-smile, chew the inside of his cheek, pout sceptically, and so on – with the odd eyebrow-raise thrown in, too.

Radio Times review of Foyle’s War S8E2, The Cage

While Foyle’s move to MI5 and London in S8 is an exciting shift, it comes at the cost of no longer seeing much of him outside of work. In Hastings, we often saw him relaxing with friends or family enjoying a drink, playing chess, fishing, even playing golf.  London, though, seems to be all work and little else. Having Andrew in the picture would have been ideal for the London setting – both of them working in intelligence, say, collaborating professionally while dealing with their personal ups and downs with the humor and understanding that make their relationship so strong – but alas, it was not to be.

For the record, that’s not a closeup of Michael Kitchen’s thumb holding the photo, as I’m sure any avid MK fan could attest.  Besides, Foyle takes the photo from Mrs. Greene with his right hand, since he’s holding his hat with his left.  I would guess it’s probably Honeysuckle Weeks’s thumb, since Foyle later hands the photo off to Sam.

Others notice discrepancies in period buses;  I notice them in hair and hands.  🙂

My favorite line in this episode.  Love his looks of affectionate exasperation reserved for Sam (and Andrew).