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To Michael Kitchen’s eight minutes in an eight-hour series.


Were those working in the fashion industry in post-war Paris really so foul-mouthed?

The Collection premiering today on Amazon US.

From Decider.com:

…you’ll notice that this international show has a unique approach to accents. You’ll hear American twangs, the Queen’s English, and French lilts on this show. Tom Riley explained to us that there was a very well-thought-out method behind the accents: “In this it’s a case of the Americans in the show are Americans. They’re from America. Everyone who’s English, who’s speaking with an English accent, is French and then everyone who’s French and speaking in a French accent is from Belgium. So there is a weird logic to it.”

Good thing Michael Kitchen didn’t have to speak with a French accent. 🙂

Video clip of this scene on the PBS Masterpiece site.

Does Monsieur Lemaire’s involuntary retirement mean Michael Kitchen’s part in The Collection is already over? At least he showed up relatively early in the series.

Playing hard to get in the back of a car again, Michael Kitchen’s character is persuaded this time with a pat on his belly.

Digging the fashion designer scarf.

“Sit there like a buddha and smile.”

Michael Kitchen and Richard Coyle in The Collection: The Scent. Filmed on a cold, wet day in Paris by the looks of it. MK’s even wearing gloves. I’m still trying to get used to that hat.

Duffy and his partner in crime, Glover, plotting and making a getaway.

Thrilled to learn that Michael Kitchen is among the cast of The Collection, a period family saga set in the fashion world of Paris after World War II. The Amazon eight-part series is shooting in France and Wales until May. More details about the show at Radio Times, Deadline, The Guardian, and DigitalSpy. Sets replicating the back streets of Paris in 1947 are being built at Swansea Bay Studios in Wales. Set photos here. The series premieres on Amazon UK on September 2, with a new one-hour episode made available every subsequent Friday through late October. The Amazon US premiere date is February 10, 2017.

Based on the disappointing early reviews, I’ll probably be fast forwarding through this show after all. Counting on MK to rise above the meager material as he’s often done in his career.

From The Times:

The sumptuousness of the scenery and costumes makes up for a script in which witticisms and profound emotion are a little thin on the ground.

Vodzilla.co rates the pilot episode a 6.3 out of 10:

Whether the high production values can make up for some of the more laughably schlocky dialogue and overblown plot points remains to be seen.

Similarly, Telegraph gives a middling 3 stars out of 5:

Despite being a drama set in the world of Forties haute couture, The Collection is determined to shoehorn in as much violence, conspiracy and sleaze as the average big-budget gangster series.

Despite a strong cast and an even stronger aesthetic, this first episode failed to truly grip.

And this from BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Review:

Watch it, don’t listen to it.