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Much of France has something else to celebrate today.


There’s official incompetence of the sort Foyle routinely encounters, and then there’s Trump incompetence.

I don’t think we’ve reached peak Trump. The normal incompetent person flails and stammers and is embarrassed about it. But the true genius at incompetence like our president flails and founders and is too incompetent to realize his own incompetence. …Trump’s ignorance is not just an absence [of knowledge]; it is a rich, intricate and entirely separate universe of negative information, a sort of fertile intellectual antimatter with its own gravitational pull. – David Brooks, “The Coming Incompetence Crisis

Sums up the actions of the current administration.

Anatomy of a smile.

A nice photo from the original foyleswar.com site showing a scene from The French Drop being filmed next to the lake at Balls Park College during the spring of 2004.

Tugging at his waistcoat, Foyle listens with interest to the biting banter among the operatives at SOE.

Springing forward with an extra pick-me-up.

“All this may just seem like party tricks to you – misdirection, sleight of hand. But think what will happen if we can make the Germans think there are a hundred Spitfires in a field, when in fact, there are none. Suppose we can make an advancing army look like an empty street.”

steviecat123 said:

Penny for your thoughts, Christopher? Sigh.

One of my favorite shots of Michael Kitchen as Foyle –  chiseled, distinguished, and sexy.

Despite his misgivings, Foyle agrees to temporarily withhold information to help the war effort, and as a result, his hopes for a transfer are dashed again. Hilda Pierce owes him big time: