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Lies, lies, and more lies. With Foyle upholding the law, Michael Turner pays the price for his treachery. Who’s holding the Trump administration and the GOP accountable to the truth? Neither entity shows much respect for the rule of law.


A Facebook post from a fan of Foyle’s War that strikes many chords:

michael kitchen foyle's war the german woman murder is murder

You stop believing that, and we might as well not be fighting the war… because you end up like the Nazis.  – DCS Foyle

Robert Hardy as Henry Beaumont in The German Woman

But that has nothing to do with Greta. Nobody in their right mind could possibly imagine… What I’m trying to say is that if anybody has a grudge against Greta, they- they simply don’t know her. Greta never had any time for Hitler or the Nazis or…

Henry Beaumont’s lying, and Foyle knows it.

Commemorating the passing of yet another one of the distinguished actors who guest starred opposite Michael Kitchen on Foyle’s War.

The silent exchange between Foyle and Andrew speaks volumes about the closeness of their relationship.

“Dad. It’s good to see you.”

Exceedingly good to see Michael Kitchen play Dad to Julian Ovenden’s Andrew Foyle.

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What better way to introduce the character of DCS Christopher Foyle than with closeup after closeup of Michael Kitchen’s gorgeously disgruntled face, that of a resolute man seething at having his request for a transfer to the War Office denied yet again.

There is one man whose every expression, gesture, and utterance leaves me wanting more, and then there is another whom I hope never to see or hear from again after the winner of today’s election is determined.

Frying fish indoors. I hope Foyle’s kitchen has good ventilation.

Michael Kitchen and Edward Fox — on-screen adversaries in Foyle’s War, off-screen residents of Dorset and patrons of Poole Hospital Cancer Treatment Trust.

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Summers gets much more than he bargained for in trying to lay down the law with a suspicious Foyle who sees right through him to his ulterior motive.

Excerpts from Jonathan Meades’s rapturous critique (The Times, Nov. 16, 2002) of Michael Kitchen’s acting in Foyle’s War:

Michael Kitchen’s playing of the title role in a show called Foyle’s War … is uplifting because it is an unalloyed display of high art.

His performance is singular, serious, very quiet.  He does something that only the greatest actors are capable of, that is to convince in character while employing consummate professional skills.

Kitchen’s instrument is his face.  He has used it to create a gestural language of the utmost suppleness and complexity… His sheer control is awesome.  His repertoire causes us to rethink the possibilities of facial musculature.

There are occasions when an interpretation can quite overcome the creation it supposedly serves.

Falling: Michael Kitchen in library 1Falling: Michael Kitchen in library 2

On this final day of National Library Week…

From the Glencoe Public Library blog:

There is a bit of wall in a staff area of the library where librarians for a time posted pictures of their favorite actors. One by one, the handsome men were replaced by beloved dogs, past and present. Eventually, only one man’s picture remained among the pooches. That actor? Michael Kitchen. Interpret this as you will, but it does seem to speak to the appeal of the distinguished Mr. Kitchen.

Another librarian commented on the blog, Read Roger :

…a little while back, I displayed the whole stack of [Foyle’s War] DVDs on the circulation desk. The sign just had an arrow pointing to Michael Kitchen with a note that said, “My new boyfriend.”

You wouldn’t believe the number of patrons who came in and got all gushy.

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Iconic words.

From a review by tendays komyathy posted on swapadvd.com:

“My name is Foyle. I’m a police officer.” No badge is shown or papers presented while so introducing himself. Such would be superfluous though as Kitchen’s Foyle, in mannerisms, demeanor, as well as the way his carries himself, makes it rather apparent that he is in law enforcement.

…in the end it turned out that he really could drive, just preferred to let Sam do it. Funny, but I can’t quite work out if that makes him a complete gentleman or an utter cad.The Guardian

A goof noted on IMDB:

Ray calls his late girlfriend Terry. Throughout the rest of the episode and in the titles, she is called Tracey. Michael Kitchen picks up on the mistake, and refers to Tracey as Terry too.

Interesting that the error wasn’t noted at the time of filming and the scene reshot, given the emphasis MK places on “Terry”.


Foyle and the colors of fall.

michael kitchen foyle's war the german woman fall colors 1
michael kitchen foyle's war the german woman fall colors 1

The first time we see Andrew drop in on Foyle unannounced and hungry. At least this time he didn’t rouse his poor dad from bed.

Sadly, no moon here either last night for all the cloud cover. Would have loved to have seen the blood moon eclipse. (Eating mooncakes is some consolation.)