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Judges played by Michael Kitchen belong on prime-time TV. A nominee for a stolen Supreme Court seat? Not so much.

Yet another spectacle orchestrated by a megalomaniac president.

The lord chancellor calls to convey some good news to Steven Vey.

Michael Kitchen playing the cuckold.

Another of Michael Kitchen’s on-screen marriages goes kaput, with childlessness once again blamed as a contributing factor. Steven, Sarah, Richard, Anna, Greg, and Linda might have come to better terms with their situation if they’d read this article. Oh well, on the bright side, divorce means no longer having to live with your wife’s decorating tastes:

Michael Kitchen’s strut.

In the night shadows.

The sweet side of a multidimensional character.

Posted last month by a Shaftesbury resident on northstandchat.com:

Michael Kitchen of Foyle’s War and the like is also a regular [in my local Tesco] and he also uses the same swimming pool as my wife each morning.

Art imitates life.

Steven Vey savors some very good news, but his celebration is cut short by some very bad news.

From a fun review of The Guilty by David Wiegand at SFGate.com:

…there is no denying the pleasure of watching Kitchen be so repugnant.
…Eventually, the coincidences pile up to the point where you just say “the heck with it” and enjoy the good parts of the show.

In other words, all the scenes with MK.

In another review at nj.com, the question I have is asked:

Does he rape her? We’re not sure — she passes out as he forces himself on her — but his behavior following the incident falls considerably short of chivalrous.

To me, it seems he stopped at assault:

Steven Vey may be a big shot in his professional life, but at home, he gets no respect from his wife and step-daughters.

Steven Vey’s bare cupboard.

Drinks + mutual attraction between the dimply boss and his doe-eyed secretary = dangerous ground.

Working the mouth shrug to win the jury in the opening scene of The Guilty.

Not a bad day’s work for Serena Scott Thomas (Kristin’s younger sister).

A diamond bracelet on National Jewelry Day…

What’s wrong with her?