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In his NY Times op-ed, “Green Beer and Rank Hypocrisy”, Fintan O’Toole writes:

…this year’s St. Patrick’s Day jamboree at the White House will be a breathtaking celebration of double standards and the willful forgetting of America’s recent past. Even by the crooked yardstick of the Trump administration, the disconnect is surreal: The president will salute the legacy of one wave of immigrants even as he deploys against other immigrants the same calumnies once heaped upon the Irish.

“Bis dat, qui cito dat”. Townsend appeals to his employer on behalf of the Irish tenants, closing the letter with a subtle request for a quick response. The unsympathetic reply he eventually receives places him in an impossible position.

National Letter Writing Day

In the night shadows.

On horseback in The Hanging Gale.

The preacher belabors a point for the benefit of Townsend.


Paul McGann at Belfast Film Comic Con talking Night of the Doctor, Yeti, Peter Capaldi and more

HEY, This video starts with McGann admiring MICHAEL KITCHEN in The Hanging Gale.

How neat to know that the glass filled to the brim was MK’s idea.

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

18.  Captain William Townsend in The Hanging Gale (1995)

A conflicted character skillfully portrayed by MK.

…the selfless man with his hands tied; the sad man nobody can reach.
– The Times; London; Jun 5, 1995; Lynne Truss

Townsend goes over the books upon starting his new job as land agent.