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Michael Kitchen in The Justice Game (1989)

Series 1 and 2 DVD out on Oct. 10, 2016 and available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

Not my type of show at all, but the MK snippets make it well worth the investment.


In the night shadows.

Lying John Farrow. Michael Kitchen is ace at using a swivel chair.

Sam’s MTC training comes in handy again.

When interviewed during the filming of FW S8, Honeysuckle Weeks talked about driving with Michael Kitchen:

Michael is nervous – he always is when I’m driving. I’m told to drive at 35mph by the director. Michael suggests 25. I decide to stick at 30 but embarrass myself by kangaroo-hopping up the drive. ‘Tell you what,’ says Michael after the third take, ‘you do the steering wheel, I’ll change the gears. All right?’ ‘OK. Got it.’ It works a treat.

Since she’s driving considerably faster than 25 in this scene, I take it not a lot of acting was required on MK’s part! I wonder if he again helped shift gears, a skill he obviously does well.

michael kitchen the justice game gear shifting

Michael Kitchen as Tim Forsythe in The Justice Game (1989)

An entire month dedicated to my favorite meal of the day isn’t something I can just ignore, so I’m celebrating on this beautiful late-summer day with these and some other breakfast scenes with Michael Kitchen.

Michael Kitchen in character appraising the opposite sex.

Telling that among the three men, the woman chooses to aim her assets at JT/MK.




Why did I immediately think of Michael Kitchen when I saw the “here’s how it’s done” part of this enormously popular tumblr post?

steviecat123 replied:

I know. I know. That was my immediate thought. It reminded me of the scene in ‘The Justice Game’ where he ties his tie, buttons his waistcoat and puts on his jacket. That sexy black three piece suit!!


In a word – adorable.

steviecat123 said: In two words – I concur.

When he is handed incriminating evidence of his nefarious activities, Forsythe’s reaction is classic Michael Kitchen.

Michael Kitchen looking so very suave in The Justice Game.  The scene of him in a tux looks like something out of Dynasty.

Tim Forsythe arrives at work in style.

When watching British films, I still often have to make a mental note to myself that the person in the right-hand seat of the car is the driver and not the passenger.








I understand there was a height issue but pish and tish to that, how on earth was MK not picked for Bond? He screams of 007 here. Sigh… :o)

Somehow, though, I don’t think MK would have agreed to all the cheesy love scenes requisite for a Bond movie.

steviecat123 said:

I would certainly have watched more of the Bond movies if he had been 007.

And instead of trying to play catch up now, I’d have become aware of MK’s existence and appeal a lot earlier.

In the same year that Michael Kitchen appeared as a Nazi in Pied Piper, he also played evil in a modern-day setting.  Tim Forsythe, his character in The Justice Game, has been described as a quietly ruthless “Mr. Big”. In contrast to Major Diessen, Forsythe is all pleasantness on the surface, but he hides darkness underneath.