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Michael Kitchen in The Justice Game (1989)

Series 1 and 2 DVD out on Oct. 10, 2016 and available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

Not my type of show at all, but the MK snippets make it well worth the investment.

In the night shadows.

Lying John Farrow. Michael Kitchen is ace at using a swivel chair.

Michael Kitchen as Tim Forsythe in The Justice Game (1989)

An entire month dedicated to my favorite meal of the day isn’t something I can just ignore, so I’m celebrating on this beautiful late-summer day with these and some other breakfast scenes with Michael Kitchen.

Michael Kitchen in character appraising the opposite sex.

Telling that among the three men, the woman chooses to aim her assets at JT/MK.




Why did I immediately think of Michael Kitchen when I saw the “here’s how it’s done” part of this enormously popular tumblr post?

steviecat123 replied:

I know. I know. That was my immediate thought. It reminded me of the scene in ‘The Justice Game’ where he ties his tie, buttons his waistcoat and puts on his jacket. That sexy black three piece suit!!


In a word – adorable.

steviecat123 said: In two words – I concur.

When he is handed incriminating evidence of his nefarious activities, Forsythe’s reaction is classic Michael Kitchen.

Michael Kitchen looking so very suave in The Justice Game.  The scene of him in a tux looks like something out of Dynasty.