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In the night shadows.

An interesting NYTimes article on the 30th anniversary this Sunday of the assassination of Olof Palme. No mention of a handsome hired British hitman. 🙄

Latest study finds that several cups of coffee
each day is good for one’s health.

Looks like there’s going to be some intense bidding for this rare item on eBay. Too rich for my blood.

Killer focus.

From a forum discussion on the best fictional assassin:


Filmed within a year of Reckless and Mrs. Dalloway, Michael Kitchen’s role as John Gales alias Ray Lambert couldn’t be more different from Richard Crane and Peter Walsh.

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

12.  John Gales alias Ray Lambert, the assassin in The Last Contract (1998)

Smooth and sexy as a coldly proficient hired killer.

A Michael Kitchen vine, because I love the backdrop and the way he says his lines here.  A music video,

because I have a weakness for “Ave Maria” and the coldly intelligent, lethal hitman played by MK.

dancesabove said:

He is incredibly gorgeous in this movie… but I do miss the warmth one often sees in Mr Foyle’s eyes. Impressive vid, KF!

That’s why I’m usually not a big fan of MK’s bad guy roles, but in The Last Contract, I see his lack of warmth as a necessary part of doing his job well rather than a sign of a depraved mind, so I don’t really miss his softer side. This is the character that conjures up James Bond for me. Thanks to you and others for your kind comments.

During these lip-locks from The Last Contract and King Lear, the continued scheming of Michael Kitchen’s characters goes unnoticed by the smitten women who are understandably focused on the task at hand.

As assassin Ray Lambert in The Last Contract (1998), Michael Kitchen remains cool as a cucumber even when staring down the barrel of a gun.  The blue lighting adds to the sinister chill emanating from him.

Hard to believe this is the same man behind the scenes!

Whenever I see a close-up of Michael Kitchen’s hands, I’m reminded of Honeysuckle Weeks raving about his piano and guitar playing skills in this article.  This is the aforementioned post in which I was originally going to lament that, aside from a couple of scenes in Oliver Twist, we’ve never had the privilege of witnessing MK’s musical talents. So happy he decided to give us another peek this week!