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Michael Kitchen running on screen over the years.

Good to know that “An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life“.


Forty-four years ago today The Reporters premiered on BBC’s Play for Today with Michael Kitchen in one of his earliest starring roles on TV.  Such a treat to see MK acting the character of the ambitious young reporter, Alan, who laughs with abandon and plants sweet kisses on the lips of his “bird”. Clive James described MK as “precociously accomplished” in his review for The Guardian (Oct. 15, 1972).

A note about the filming location in Radio Times, Oct. 9, 1972:

To give the play an authentic newsroom atmosphere, much of the action was filmed on location in the office of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph in Blackburn. Its huddled, open-plan muddle of a reporters’ room has that manic depressive air of inefficient urgency, of impassioned ennui that journalists are so proud of.

Twenty-three years old, an outstanding performer in his field, and a promising career ahead of him.

Have some toast with your butter there, MK.

Vic and Alan engage in guy talk as they munch on chips.

anonymous asked:

Is ‘The Reporters’ of 1972 on Youtube?

It used to be, but has since been taken down.

anonymous said:

My favorite kiss is in The Reporters. Suh – wooooon – eeee!

Ah yes, how could I forget that exquisitely slow and gentle kiss. 

Let’s watch it in slow motion, shall we?

abjectadmirer said:

*whimper*  As his hand descends, so does my lower jaaaaaawwwwwww.

steviecat123 said:

Well! I leave the house for a teeny12 hour shift and when I get back I find such exciting things have been happening on the blog in my absence. FW series 1-7 in five minutes I still have to watch. But, first I need to go find my socks as they got blown off when I watched the slo-mo kiss – with sound effects no less. Happy days!

Pity he more or less put a stop to this type of incredibly sexy, sock-blowing intimacy later in his career.

Michael Kitchen in turtlenecks.

“I want her a lot when she’s there.  When I see her, I want her.  But when we’re apart, I never think about her.  I feel now I could drop her without bothering.  When she’s there, it’s different, though.  I like being with her.  It’s just this feeling I’m being tied down.”

In The Reporters, Michael Kitchen’s character, Alan, enjoys the company of his girlfriend but doesn’t want their relationship to stand in the way of his professional ambitions.

Interesting how similar this bedroom scene is to the one in Falling.


A purple turtleneck sweater is a rather unique wardrobe choice, yet Michael Kitchen appears in one not only here in The Reporters but also two years later in Seven Faces of Woman (1974).  Could even be the identical sweater.  Anyway, I think he looks quite fetching in it here.

mkes: I’m ok with the sweater, but that hair????

I agree it’s not ideal here, but at least the frizz is under control unlike in SFoW.

fuckyeahmichaelkitchen said:

Just looking at this again – and find myself with a sudden urge to sing Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ – just as well I don’t know the words as I doubt it’s actually relevant! (My brain – let me show you how weird it is!)

How could I not include this?