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In recognition of International Women’s Day…

The Women’s Land Army hostel offers Sam, Foyle, and Milner a bed for the night and a hearty meal. I wouldn’t have guessed that Foyle was the milk with dinner type.

National Letter Writing Day

From her first encounter with Foyle Barbara Hicks wastes no opportunity to denigrate men.  If anyone can change her opinion, it’s Foyle.

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Foyle gradually gets around to telling Tom the truth behind his mother’s disappearance.

More swiveling from Foyle while in interrogation mode.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Foyle pivots and tilts through his first encounter with Barbara Hicks.

Outspoken women are well represented in this episode.

Michael Kitchen makes even the most mundane dialogue interesting to watch.

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

3. DCS Christopher Foyle in Foyle’s War: They Fought in the Fields

Foyle changes Barbara Hicks’s opinion of men.  How lovely it would be to have Stella Gonet appear in another episode.

Pivoting aside, Foyle is a man of restrained physicality, but on occasion Michael Kitchen does get to take on the role of action hero in the show. Not since Caught on a Train have I seen MK sprint as hard as he does in Eagle Day.

Cute how he removes his hat while he and Sam flee from the assassin.

Foyle inquires after Barbara Hicks.

I couldn’t very well let this day pass without marking the occasion with a video tribute of my own.  Happy birthday, Mr. Kitchen!

Apologies to anyone hoping to view this video from Germany, where the background song I’ve chosen has unfortunately been blocked on YouTube.  : (

ilyps said:

I’ve just watched your wonderful birthday tribute to MK. What a joy! Particularly those clips from Alibi. Merci beaucoup.

Your comments are much appreciated!

anonymous said:

Another fantastic video – I look forward everyday to see what’s new on your site. Happy Birthday MK – hope you are reading this blog!

Many thanks to such an avid fan of MK and this blog.  I hate to disappoint, but after today I will no longer be blogging here on a daily basis.  It has become more difficult with each day to find the motivation to create new posts, so before complete fatigue sets in, I’ve decided to cut back.

steviecat123 said:

Lovely, smiley, dimpled, crinkly, blue eyed DCS Foyle :)) .

Unfortunately, we can’t really see the blue eyes here, though.

steviecat123 said:

In my mind’s eye I saw them, honest 😉

Oh, I don’t doubt it.  I can well imagine them myself.

Two decades after Love Song, a grieving woman again catches the attention of a character played by Michael Kitchen. To my immense disappointment, his comforting presence this time doesn’t lead to romance, despite the obvious attraction between Foyle and Barbara Hicks.

crazymaryt said:

I always wish something would have happened or she would have returned.

It’s still not too late for her to return… hint, hint to AH for FWS9… assuming Stella Gonet wouldn’t be a spoilsport like Julian Ovenden and refuse to reprise her role.  (Seriously, I wish Mr. Ovenden all the best in his career, but I will never get over the complete lack of Andrew in later episodes of FW due to the actor’s “unavailability”.)

pdx144 said:

I was hoping in the last series that he might run into her in London. Don’t think we’ll ever get a romance for CF, but a nice quiet dinner would be nice. They softened each other. Would love to see more of it. With the absence of Andrew and his relationship with Sam… 

I couldn’t agree with you more!  Perhaps a twitter campaign directed at AH is in order.  : )

I don’t think Foyle had reason to crack a smile even once in the final episode of FWS8 last night.  It was grim through and through, and had me yearning for relatively sunny scenes like this of a more content Foyle who isn’t entirely disillusioned by his line of work.