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At the alarming rate that far-right judges are being appointed to lower-court benches, it won’t be long before we lose a vital bastion against Trumpism.

From The New Yorker:

McConnell didn’t just protect a Supreme Court seat for the next President; he basically shut down the entire confirmation process for all of Obama’s federal-judgeship nominees for more than a year. It’s the vacancies that accumulated during this time — more than a hundred of them — that Trump’s team is now working efficiently to fill.

McC now has the unmitigated gall to accuse Democrats of obstructionism?!


In her first credited role, Emily Blunt got to act opposite Michael Kitchen and wear a nifty beekeeper’s outfit. Amazing that the real experts in beekeeping require little in the way of protective wear, even when dealing with a swarm of 40,000 bees.

When someone gets in your way, you have to act. That’s the genius of Hitler. In a way, that makes him the greatest businessman of all.

And from the new White House spokeswoman in this NYTimes article:

Mr. Trump’s decision to call Mr. Reynolds is a reflection of what his supporters find appealing: his willingness to do something himself when he thinks it needs to be done.

A potential Hitler on our hands if we’re not vigilant, even though Tr*mp is hardly a great businessman.

Foyle requires an explanation from his friend, Stephen Beck.

Gorgeous catchlights.

Pop Culture Comfort Food You Can Turn to When You Need a Break From President Trump (Slate.com):

This very British series is a police procedural set in Hastings, England, during World War II. But it’s also about Christopher Foyle (played by the great Michael Kitchen), a good cop and a great man, who always manages to do the right thing, even when bending the rules might seem like the expedient thing to do. A prolonged ode to integrity seems like it might be useful viewing these days.

How do I love this scene. Let me count the ways. Lapels waving in the breeze, contemplative close up, understanding between friends, wildflowers, quaint village church, Michael Kitchen, Alan Howard.

(Location: Dunsfold Church, Surrey, UK)

Adorably miffed.

Foyle doesn’t take kindly to his subordinates perverting the course of justice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The upward gaze. Sigh.

The sidelong glance. Sigh.

Commemorating Earth Day with an adorable face and an abundance of bright green leaves.

In memory of Alan Howard, whose performance as Stephen Beck in Foyle’s War was among the show’s most poignant.

Bringing down Reginald Walker and son – just another of Foyle’s insignificant contributions to the war effort.

anonymous asked:

Are you okay?

Just dandy. 

anonymous asked:

glad you are dandy! just a little worried because you hadn’t posted for a day or so. 😦

Yeah, I’ll be posting a lot less from now on.  Thanks for your concern.

steviecat123 said:

Fishing scenes are my favourites. He is so peaceful and serene. And those waders make him even more sexy. Just want to roll them down and pull them off. Phew!

I thought of you when I made these gifs, given your earlier request.

ilyps said:

Foyle in waders -Yes! You certainly do know how to please Foyle addicts

Can’t say I myself took much notice of Foyle’s waders whenever he appeared in them, but they do seem to be viewed with considerable fondness by certain fans of the show.  : )

And the proper version.

ilyps said:

I love today’s proper version of that fabulous face. A wonderful way to brighten even the gloomiest day. Thanks.

As pdx144 has said, he’s always a ray of sunshine.

Have a wonderful cruise, pdx144.  Will miss you, too!

Forgot to set the frame delay and this happened…  : D

steviecat123 said:

LOL. I love both versions. That is how HE makes ME feel. Add a few eye rolls , get the picture?

I seem to remember you were going to get some smelling salts to have on hand when this feeling strikes…

vkwalker said:

Actually, this seems to match what I’ve read about his performance as Edmund in the Hordern “Lear.”

Close, but not quite this manic.

pdx144 said:

Did you do that? Beautiful. Loved that shot before, this makes it really great.

Yes, felt like putting an artistic slant on that gorgeous photo of him.

abjectadmirer said:  T-shirt!

Concert tour merchandise?  : )

steviecat123 said:

I would like to place my order of three please. One to wear, one in the wash and one for spare, just like the nuns habit or is it the wimple? Cough… Splutter… Whatever, I want to shout my love loud and proud. Amazing talent! Even in all it’s simplicity you have captured his stunning eyes so well. :))

You are too funny, J.

anonymous said: Very impressive artwork. I love the result.

anonymous said: I just saw the portrait You are a real artist!

I dabble every once in a while.

Thanks to all for your kind comments.