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Grieving for the EPA and the planet.

In her New Yorker piece, “Earth Day in the Age of Trump”, Elizabeth Kolbert writes:

…millions of Americans will celebrate Earth Day, even though, three months into Donald Trump’s Presidency, there sure isn’t much to celebrate. A White House characterized by flaming incompetence has nevertheless managed to do one thing effectively: it has trashed years’ worth of work to protect the planet. As David Horsey put it recently, in the Los Angeles Times, “Donald Trump’s foreign policy and legislative agenda may be a confused mess,” but “his administration’s attack on the environment is operating with the focus and zeal of the Spanish Inquisition.”

One small consolation is that some of Trump’s orders don’t take effect immediately. “There is time enough before Mr. Trump’s ignorance translates into actual policy for the public to make its opposition to this anti-science agenda felt again.” – New York Times editorial, “Trump Risks the Planet”

Michael Bloomberg gives me additional hope in his piece, “Climate Progress, With or Without Trump“, as does Mélanie Laurent in her documentary film, Tomorrow.

The “tardy bugger” arrives. Twenty minutes into the final hour of the six-hour series, White Heat, Michael Kitchen enters the scene at last. Having already had the singular experience of whacking MK with a walking stick, Lindsay Duncan gets the enviable job of greeting him with a big hug this time around. Hugh Quarshie, MK’s dueling partner in Romeo and Juliet, looks on in the background.

Casually easy on the eyes.

A couple of screen caps from Michael Kitchen’s all too brief appearance in the mini-series, White Heat (2012).