Celebrating Michael Kitchen and the many beautiful moments he has brought to his roles over the years.
Song: “Weak in the Presence of Beauty” by Alison Moyet

“Sway” with Michael Kitchen with vocals by Melinda Doolittle.

Phones…lots of phones. Song: “Bad Connection” by Yazoo

Just the lighter side. A selection of clips showcasing Michael Kitchen’s flair for light comedy.

A chronology of favorite moments from Michael Kitchen’s wonderfully varied acting career.
Music: Piano cover of “Just the Way You Are” by Ryan Jones

Alibi set to Gabrielle’s “Out of Reach”.

Caught on a Train set to “Human” by the Killers.

Michael Kitchen plays an assassin in The Last Contract.
Music: Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” (aka “The Hitman Theme Song”)

Favorite lines from Reckless with music from Terms of Endearment.

Country Matters: The Four Beauties (1973)

LσvεႽσηgPαrt 1 of 7 

Clip from A Royal Scandal

Clip from BBC Shakespeare Collection: The Comedy of Errors

Clips from Shakespeare: The Animated Tales: The Winter’s Tale

Michael Kitchen’s only filmed interview.

Foyle’s War Theme_Plugged: Michael Kitchen


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